Description: This program introduces pupils to everyone of females from inside the old Rome

CLSICS 215G People out of Rome +

Because of a close, interdisciplinary analysis of your evidence-and additionally depictions of females in artwork, literary, and you can documentary offer, along with the expanding system off secondary literature-members become acquainted with the basics of feminist theory and lots of of the most important really works from Roman artwork and you can books. This program could possibly get matter into the big during the classics. Prospective managed: Vital reading, vital thinking, clear composing, it. Much more information

  • 2022 Fall

CLSICS 218G Soul & Thinking in Old Greece +

Description: This program centers on the brand new advancement out of Greek suggestions regarding mind and body, which often introduces conversations off subject areas eg beauty, courage, nobility, recreation, demise, insanity, euphoria and you may sex. The primary readings are Homer’s Iliad and you will Plato’s Symposium. Pupils also consider exactly how works out of Greek art shown these types of templates. Much more information

  • 2022 Spring

CLSICS 230L Old Egypt +

Description: A study of the background, art, archaeology, and you may religion off ancient Egypt.CLSICS 230L and HIST 230L are identical direction. Read more