But how does dating apps make money?

Isn’t that an important question to answer. The online dating industry is said to be a $2-billion big market. How can you capture a chunk of this revenue with your dating app model?

People look for love online and dating applications are the best sources to help them fall in love. As a service provider, you can monetize this opportunity and ensure heavy profits.

Dating applications like tinder, bumble, and ok cupid have various options to make money. These include subscriptions, advertisements, in-app purchases, and paid plans.

  1. Subscriptions:

This provides the users with exclusive benefits and perks that are not available to the freeloaders. In the dating applications, those who may be using the free version can do so for a certain period of time.

Giving free access for a limited period of time will make sure that the users get a taste of what they are missing if they are not subscribing to the service. So, it is essential to provide free access and then ask for a fixed cost.

Also, the subscription has a recurring https://datingranking.net/christianconnection-review/ period, meaning that once the period expires, the user has to repay the amount.

  1. Advertisements: One of the best tinder revenue models is running ads on their platform. But, advertisements will only come once the application is famous enough for people to use it. Read more