Fundamentally, you to measure of thinking-admiration is from the increased odds of which have made use of a beneficial condom at first sex

Total, 5% of respondents (10% of men and you may dos% of females) had got sex about 3 months until the questionnaire. Over fifty percent of them teenage boys (54%) had got two partners or higher during those times, however, the majority of the ladies (91%) had got only 1. The amount of people which have present sexual experience is actually too little for additional investigation, although scientists reviewed the fresh determinants from several lovers certainly guys, using tobit regression research. Once more, peer norms and you will worry about-value played a substantial role in the men’s decisions: Men which detected their friends is intimately experienced or perhaps to have been in a maternity had been probably be than others having got several people prior to now 90 days (coefficients, 1.1-2.2), as was in fact individuals who was indeed typically management among their loved ones (0.5).

Teenagers regarding higher socioeconomic level and people who has worked had a greater probability of having had multiple spouse (coefficients, 0.6-0.8), and also the probability of that it conclusion rose as we age (0.8). People residing the brand new jungle was from the higher risk having had several lovers than were their counterparts of Lima (step one.9).

Condom Use

Certainly sexually productive college students, 38% of men and you can twenty-six% of females said that that they had made use of a good condom in the beginning intercourse; 63% and you will 42%, correspondingly, advertised with made use of you to at last sex. Read more