Dating ranging from socioeconomic and nutritional condition about Serbian human population: a combination-sectional investigation


The analysis inhabitants contains adults old ? 20 years. Face-to-face interviews and anthropometric measurements was in fact conducted by coached teams. Associations anywhere between body mass index and you can sociodemographic parameters were reviewed having fun with multivariable logistic regression analyses.


Off a dozen,461 sufferers off each other genders, thirty-six.4% was in fact overweight and you may 22.4% was indeed obese. This new prevalences regarding heavy and you will carrying excess fat differed notably between your sexes, off every sociodemographic functions. Certainly ladies, academic attainment is actually of the down threat of being overweight (possibility ratio, Otherwise = 0.82; 95% trust interval, CI: 0.69-0.98 to own average-height and or = 0.77; CI: 0.62-0.97 to possess degree) or overweight (Or = 0.68; CI: 0.57-0.82 for average-peak and or = 0.41; CI: 0.31-0.54 to own advanced schooling). In contrast, medium-height (Or = step 1.28; CI: step 1.08-step 1.52) and you may highly experienced males (Otherwise = 1.39; CI: step 1.1step one-step 1.74) was basically with greater regularity heavy than have been people with low studies. Certainly guys, degrees We carrying excess fat try seriously about the latest richest riches index category (Otherwise = 1.27), given that contrary is actually genuine getting values II carrying excess fat one of females (Or = 0.61).


This study shown tall socioeconomic inequalities inside health updates anywhere between men and you can women. Persisted monitoring of socioeconomic habits according to pounds is essential, particularly which have next mining of one’s results of degree and carrying excess fat. Read more