Beta diversity: male score and you will ladies reproductive state

The model examining correlations of dyadic GuniFrac dissimilarity with male rank was significant (LMM V: ? 2 = , df = 4, p < 0.001, R 2 m/c = 0.68/0.92) (Table S13). Dominant males shared the least similar gut microbiota with their group members (Fig. 4C). The number of years two individuals spent together in the same group was not significantly associated with gut community similarity (Table S13).

Indication kinds study showed that step three.74% of all the taxa, we.e. 225 ASVs, was distinctively of you to definitely rating class during the adult Verreaux’s sifakas (Table S14). Anyone differed most firmly inside the taxa of your phyla Bacterioidota (99 ASVs) and you may Firmicutes (63 ASVs) as well as their typical group Bacteroidaceae (thirty five ASVs), Prevotellaceae (30 ASVs), and you can Lachnospiraceae (31 ASVs) (Fig. 4D).

Females reproductive stage didn’t appear to connect with its area structure. On signal varieties analysis, we unearthed that less than 1% of all of the taxa, we.age. twenty-two ASVs (total number out of ASVs for the adult people trials: 6000), were distinctively of one reproductive category (Desk S15). 14 ones belonged for the phylum Firmicutes (Fig. 4E). 7 ASVs had been from the recreating females (gestating and you will lactating) at which four belonged to help you Bacterioidota (Table S16). Read more