How to use the Windows Snipping Tool

Due to this, your PC runs slowly and might take a long time to startup. When your PC starts to respond slowly and its performance decline, you can try defragging the disk as it will help put the scattered data together. However, if you are using an SSD you don’t need to defrag the disk. To start the process of defragmentation for other drives, you may click on the “Finish” button and return to the Welcome screen. To view the complete details of the defragmentation process, you may click on the “Display Report” button.

It’s not possible using the Snipping tool – you can only draw lines and highlight things in it. After selecting “Full-screen snip,” a screenshot of your entire screen is instantly captured. The snip will open in the Snipping Tool’s Mark-up Window where you can edit, annotate, or share it. The time delay feature gives you 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 seconds to move your mouse and click a feature, such as a drop-down menu, before the snip is captured. Select the Share button to share the snip with others. Your options will vary based on your apps and settings but might include email contacts, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi sharing, instant messaging, and social media platforms.

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If your purpose is to fix an issue you’re having you can go ahead and press “Just remove my files” on the next screen. However, if you’re resetting the PC to sell it on, you should click “Fully clean the drive” to ensure all traces of your previous usage is gone. Just be aware that this could take a very long time. The “Keep my files” option performs a Windows 10 refresh instead. This will let you keep your accounts and personal files, but will still remove apps, drivers, and settings changes. “Remove everything”, meanwhile, deletes all accounts, personal files, apps, drivers, and settings changes.

  • Trying to do so using the built-in defrag tool may not even allow it for SSDs, instead performing a TRIM operation, which identifies blocks of data no longer in use and wipes them clean.
  • It is a popular Windows screen recorder and video recorder software that supports different audio sources thus allowing you to record HD videos with audio.
  • For example, maybe you’re having computer problems and you want to send a picture of exactly what you’re Battery drivers seeing on the screen to some tech-savvy person who might know what’s going on.

No built-in editing tools, you’ll need to use another tool, like iMovie to edit. Often, the best solution is the one you already have. But if you don’t use QuickTime, Apple’s default media player, you might not even be aware that it has screen recording capabilities. Windows 10’s Game DVR will record audio by default; you can set the bitrate to 96, 128, 160 or 192 kbps, or turn off audio capture. And if you enable background recording — which uses more system resources — you can set the maximum clip length to 30 minutes, one hour or two hours. From this point simply press the Start Recording button to record your screen.

Find below a list of some of the best defrag tools available, with a rundown of the features they provide. After clicking on the shortcut from the search results, the Optimize Drives tool should launch instantly and you can now use it if you are already aware of the process. When Windows is finished with the process, the Optimize Drives program should show your drive as 0% fragmented. However, it is recommended to schedule optimization to make sure that all the disks are optimized.

Snipping Tool Shortcut In Windows 10

For spyware particularly, the only real defense is, as you have been doing, running a spyware scanner periodically, and avoiding the sites and software that carry spyware when you can. Imagine the pages of your book are randomly scattered throughout your house. In order to read your book in order, you’re racing around the house because the pages are scattered all over. To you and me, a file on your disk is a single thing. Fragmentation is a side effect of normal disk usage, including file creation, growth, and deletion. Internally, the optional updates are known as the ‘C’ release , while Patch Tuesday updates are known as the B release because they arrive in the second week of the month.

A new window will appear, asking you to either keep your files or remove everything. This option also allows you to see a list of apps and settings that will be wiped from your PC. But sometimes, even safer reset option such as ‘Keep my files’ can also lead to data loss if the process is interrupted.